swan song dance theory

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choreography by?
christopher bruce
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set design by?
christopher bruce
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music by?
philip chambon
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costume design by?
christopher bruce
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lighting by?
david mohr
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styles of dance in swan song?
ballet,contemporary,jazz,tap and ballroom
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when was swan song performed?
1987 by english national ballet
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dance idea/theme
the interrogation and torture of a prisoner by 2 guards.the dance was inspired by amnesty international.
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how many sections are there and what are they called?
there are seven 1.qeustions and answers 2.tea for two 3.first solo 4.slow trio 5.second solo 6.cane dance 7.third solo
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section 1
repitition used to interrogate the victim,they use unison to apply pressure.
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section 2
humiliation is seen.they make the victim join in there is a n increase in the tension and violence,with the victim tapping out answers defiantly
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section 3
bird gestures seen and victim looks towards light to escape
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section 4
chair pulled away from victim. interrogaters hold victim over chair this is symbolic
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section 5
solo,dynamics are now heavier,victim is exhausted.the chair is symbolic and show many emotions.
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section 6
canes are used as weapons to tease,they threaten and beat victim.
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section 7
innterrorgators do not move.victim dances near light with bird like gestures to show freedom.
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set design by?


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music by?


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costume design by?


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lighting by?


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