Stress & The Immune System - Research

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1. What 3 things gave a 'stress index score'?

  • Stressful Life Experiences, Social Isolation, Depression
  • Stress Level, Stressful Life Experiences, Immune System Score
  • Stress Level, Stressful Life Experiences, Depression
  • Stress Level, Social Isolation, Immune System Score
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2. What percentage of participants got the common cold after exposure?

  • 84%
  • 82%
  • 75%
  • 78%

3. How was immune function measured in the study?

  • Via the activity of natural killer cells before exam (low stress) and during exam (high stress)
  • Via the activity of adrenaline secreted in the urine
  • It wasn't

4. What was the conclusion of the study?

  • Examination stress significantly weakens the immune system
  • Examination stress significantly strengthens the immune system
  • Examination stress doesn't effect the immune system

5. Immune system wasn't significantly low in the high stress condition:

  • False
  • True



Sorry guys, it's 82%! That was a mistake I made during the making of the quiz. 

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