Statistical Methods MCQ'S ANCOVA, MANOVA and Regression/Correlation

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1. What is the equation for working out r-squared (Coefficient of determination)?

  • r-squared = SSm/SSt (Model Sum of Squares / Total Sum of Squares)
  • r-squared = MSm / MSr (Model Mean Squares/Residual Mean Squares)
  • r-squared = SSm/dfm (Model Sum of Squares / Degrees of Freedom Model)
  • r-squared = SSr/dfr (Residual Sum of Squares / Residual Degree's of Freedom)
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2. If the Null Hypothesis is true, then the treatment effect is equal to...

  • 1.95
  • 3
  • 0
  • 1

3. 'Anscombe's Quartet' reminds us to check what in terms of the distribution of variables before analysing?

  • Mean, Variance, Homogeneity of scores, and spread of data
  • Mean, Variance, Correlation, Regression line
  • Variance, Mean, Regression Line and MSe
  • Mean, F-score, Variance and Correlation scores

4. A venn diagram is created depicting the relationship between altruism (D.V) and Agreeableness (I.V) and Happiness (I.V). Happiness is the largest circle. What does this suggest?

  • it correlates highly with Altruism and Agreeableness
  • It has the largest level of residuals
  • It has the largest variance
  • It has the smallest variance

5. A researcher enters her I'V's into a regression model in a a-priori fashion, using theory to underpin her decisions. She is using what type of regression model?

  • Hierarchical
  • Simultaneous
  • Stepwise
  • Point - Bi - Serial


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