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    • A generalisation of ANOVA in the case where a number of DV's are measured at the same time
    • Maintains the Type 1 error rate as only carrying out one test
    • Following a significant MANOVA test, separate univariate tests may be then conducted to determine which of the DV's are significantly influenced by the IV
      • When DV's are correlated, this should make use of ANCOVA: to control for all other DV's while each one is being evaluated
        • When DV's are not highly correlated ANOVA'S may be used
    • When carrying out several ANOVAS you need to use the Bonferroni procedure to modify the significance level
      • E.g if alpha level is set at 0.5 & you have three DV's you need to set the critical P value of 0.05/3 = 0.017 for each ANOVA


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