Something's Coming

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Melody Something's Coming
The voice is quite repetitive and is usually a one or two bar pattern repeated,There are many leaps in the melody making it sound jumpy,Three musical ideas
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Structure Something's Coming
A, B, A', B' - Sonata form
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Dynamics Something's Coming
Range from pp to ff
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Tempo Something's Coming
3/4 and alternates between 2/4 but sometimes feels like it’s in 6/8, Fast, marked a crotchet beat= 176
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Tonality Something's Coming
D major but modulates to C major twice
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Harmony Something's Coming
Tritones, Jazz harmony
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Texture Something's Coming
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Instrumentation Something's Coming
Full orchestra, tenor voice
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Rhythm Something's Coming
Cross rhythms, syncopation, push rhythms, short repeated riffs, syllabic etc…
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Date Something's Coming
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Extra info
Word painting used, written for West side story (musical based on romeo and juliet), sung by tony (tenor) he sings it an octave lower than written
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Structure Something's Coming


A, B, A', B' - Sonata form

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Dynamics Something's Coming


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Tempo Something's Coming


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Tonality Something's Coming


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