''Something's Coming'' by Bernstein

  • The song is written in 3/4 but feels like 6/8 - in the piano part, the left hand plays three crotchets while the right hand plays the quavers as if it's in 6/8.
  • Solo for Tony, Tony has to been a Tennar to sing it. 
  • The piece uses Push Rhythms - make you feel like the piece is going faster.
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''Something's Coming'' - West Side Story - Bernste

West Side Story is a modern day retake on Shakespeare's ''Romeo and Juliet''.

  • Juliet - Maria
  • Romeo -  Tony 

''Something's Coming'' is the solo song for Tony. To sing this song the part of Tony has to be a Tennar singer. Not a Bass or an Alto, a Tennar. 

The piece is written in 3/4. This piece uses push rythms. Push rythms make you feel like the piece is going faster than it actually is and is pushing the song along.

The quick tempo in the song reflects Tony's excitement. This song is in the major key. Major key is often used to reflect happy emoitions.  

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