Sociology Quiz- Families

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1. What is invisible work?

  • A woman that goes to work as the man stays at home and cleans the house without his wife knowing.
  • Work that is done usually by a woman which involves working and doing things like remembering birthdays, shopping, emotional support, etc...
  • A man that works two jobs to gain money for his family illegally such as cannabis growing and a businessman.
  • A family that has ghosts living in the house doing work for the family without them knowing
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2. What is a dual burden within families?

  • Both parents working to bring in money
  • Having to do both instumental and expressive roles
  • The person who brings in the most money
  • Having two children

3. What does neo-conventional nuclear family mean?

  • A woman who does all the housework
  • A couple who are not married
  • Married or cohabiting couple both working with children
  • A man with many wifes

4. What is polyandry?

  • A same sex marriage
  • A woman with many husbands
  • A normal couple with one man and one woman
  • A man with many wifes

5. What is an empty nest family?

  • A family same sex parents
  • A family with a small family tree
  • A family where children have grown up and left home
  • Children who have no parents and been left orphaned


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