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2. What does neo-conventional nuclear family mean?

  • Married or cohabiting couple both working with children
  • A woman who does all the housework
  • A couple who are not married
  • A man with many wifes

3. What is polygamy?

  • A normal couple with one man and one woman
  • A man with with many wifes
  • A woman with many husbands
  • A same sex marriage

4. When was divorce made legal for both men and woman?

  • 1857 (with many terms and conditions)
  • 1984 (with many terms and conditions)
  • 1971 (with many terms and conditions)
  • 1996 (with many terms and conditions)

5. What is a norm?

  • something which is considered as 'normal'
  • a breed of dog
  • an informal rule that guides our behaviour in a paticular situation
  • a set of written rules members of society have to follow


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