Sociology Unit 1 Studying society

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1. What is quantitative data?

  • data that is repeated many times
  • data that it is in numerical form, eg statistics, graphs and tables
  • data that has a lot of information in it
  • another word for primary data
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2. Which one of these is not a primary research method

  • a sociologist blog online
  • direct questionnaires
  • quota sampling
  • non-participant observation

3. What is primary socialisation?

  • male power and dominance over women
  • the process of early childhood learning, usually within families, children learn basic behaviour patterns, language and skills needed in later life
  • a group of people who try to influence public opinion on an issue
  • the process whereby the influence of religion in society declines

4. What is sociology?

  • writing or reporting for newspaper, news broadcasts or the internet and radio
  • systematic study of human social life; groups and societies
  • the study of behavioral and mental factors of an individual
  • the study of living organism, such as animals and plants

5. What is meant by the term social stratification?

  • how society is built up
  • the way society is structured or divided into hierarchical layers, for example the bourgeoisie at the top and the proletariat at the bottom
  • a research method sociologists use to find out about society
  • how people conform in society


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