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2. Which one is NOT a primary research method?

  • official statistics
  • unstructured interviews
  • surverys
  • covert observation

3. Official statistics are put together by officials so sociologists have little say on the ______ used

  • few sources
  • validity
  • definitions
  • trends

4. What do sociologists mean by the term socialisation?

  • the process through which we learn the culture and norms for the society we are born into
  • changing your view on different things
  • how we socialise and talk to our friends
  • how the bourgeoisie communicate with each other

5. What is quantitative data?

  • data that it is in numerical form, eg statistics, graphs and tables
  • data that has a lot of information in it
  • data that is repeated many times
  • another word for primary data


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