Social stratification and inequality

Parsons F
warm bath theory
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Parsons (2) F
Experimental and Instrumental roles
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Murdock F
Nuclear family is best
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Davis and Moore F
Human capital theory- men have more human capital
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Davis and Moore (2) F
Role allocation
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Durkheim F
Organic analogy and sexual division of labour
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Ansley MF
Women are takers of ****
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Beechy MF
Reserve army of labour
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Engles M
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Benston MF
Women produce women for the future
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Zaretsky M
Family is seen as a safe haven
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Willis M
12 lads
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Abbott and Wallace EV
Traditional marxism does not take into account gender inequality
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Firestone RF
Patriachy comes from biology
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Stanko RF
Men use sexual harassment to intimidate women
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Theil RF
Recognises sexual harassment, also in men
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Adkin RF
Womens jobs are sexualised
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Oakley LF
Cannalisation and Manipulation
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Kelly LF
Subject choices
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Friedman LF
Gender is a product of inequality
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Lees and Sharpe LF
Womens position is changing
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Hakim PF
Preference theory
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Walby PF
Patriachy still remains but changes (private-public)
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Jackson PF
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Wilkinson PF
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Mirza BF
Black girls are likely to fight their labels
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Francis BF
Black girls are likely to fight their labels
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Parkin W
Negatively privileged groups/ usurpation
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Crompton W
Social Closure
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Barron and Norris W
Dual labour market
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Roker W
Gaining the edge
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Polemus P
Supermarket of style
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Katz and Lyng P
Crime is a thrill
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Bennett P
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Bradley P
Globalisation has changed gender identities
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Cummings and Henry F
Old people need to disengage
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Parsons F
Youth is a transitional phase/bridge theory
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McDonald and Marsh M
Young people in deprived areas are disadvantaged
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Marx M
older people do not participate in capitalism
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Phillipson M
Society doesn't want people who rely on benefits
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Bowles and Gintis M
Hidden cirriculum
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Gramsci M
Hegemonic groups/ base structure and superstructure
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Gittins W
Age patriachy
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Field W
Older people are over represented in the underclass as they rely on state pensions
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Weber W
Elderly people have more political power as they are the most likely to vote
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Rex and Tomlinson W
Reserve army of labour
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McKingsley W
Young old, and Old old
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Featherstone and Hepworth P
Mask of ageing
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Baurillard P
Hyper reality
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Bennet P
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Milne P
Grey pound
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Clarke and Saunders P
Conspicuous consumption
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Oakley F
Females are forced to grow up quicker, and have more responsibilty
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Marxist feminists (age)
Older women are disadvantaged as they have less pensions
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Naomi Wolf F
There is more pressure on women to look young
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Grundy and Henrietta F
Middle aged= sandwich generation
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McRobbie F
Bedroom culture
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Gannon F
Women are disadvantaged by pay gap because they have career breaks
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Parsons F
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Saunders Func
Class is a product of work- we don't move classes because of genetics
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Marx M
False class conciousness
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Braverman M
Deskilling/ proletarianisation
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Bowles and Gintis M
Hidden cirriculum
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Engles M
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Savage W
Middle class fragmentation
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Weber W
Class status and party
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Polemus P (2)
Class is fluid
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Pakulski and Waters P
Class is dead
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Benston F
Women are exploited by capitalism because of their gender and they produce a workforce for free
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Adkin/Stanko F
Sexual harassment at work/ Glass ceiling
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Coontz and F
Captialism created patriachy
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Marcuse NM
Media diverts attention from what really matters in society
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Bordieu NM
Habitus, cultural capital, legitimate, middle brow, popular culture
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Sorenson NM
Proletariat rent their labour
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Seabrooke NM
Proletariat are the new servant class
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Wright NM
middle class are in a contradictory position
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Parsons Func Eth
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Sauners NR
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Murray NR
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Castles and Kosack M
Ethnic reserve army of labour
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Westergaard and Resler M
Ethnic minorities are part of the unified working class
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Miles NM
Ethnic minorities are apparent in every social class but are a racialised part due to racism
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Hall NM
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doesnt offer anything that Weber doesn't
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Bellos F
Ethnic minorities suffer different advantages
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Rex and Moore W
Dual labour market theory (ethnicity)
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Verotec P
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Moodod P
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Johal and Bains
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Experimental and Instrumental roles


Parsons (2) F

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Nuclear family is best


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Human capital theory- men have more human capital


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Role allocation


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