Sleep studies

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Disruption of bio rhythms? (RKTCGAB)
Recht et al, klein et al,Takashi, czeiler, Gold et al, armstrong-esther, Boivin
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recht et al
baseball teams east to west won 44%, west to east 37%
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klein et al
8 p's between US and Germany, p's coped better on westbound flights
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melatonin 3-5 days before quicker re-synchronisation after 11 hr flight
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chemical plant utah, moved to forward shift rotation and extended from 7-21. less health problems
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Gold et al
non-fluctuating worked better than changing
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female nurses, performance improved over week but body temp remained desynched
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artificial light effective in improving rhythms
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Role of endogenous pacemakers (SMMFC)
stephen and zucker, morgan et al, michel siffre, folkard, campbell
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Stephen and zucker
rats 12 hours light/12 hrs dark, half had scn damaged, those with SCN damaged lost drinking + activity pattern whilst others maintained
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Morgan et al
mutant bred hamsters cr of 20 hours, transplanted to others and got it
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Michel Siffre
cave, body settled into cycle of around 25/30
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kate aldcroft 25 days in cave,temp was 24 hrs, sleep 30
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light on knees
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Sleep walking (LBZ)
Lecendreux et al, Bassati, Zadra et al
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50% concordance in MZ only 10-15 in DZ
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50% of those with sleepwalking had specific gene that was only present in small number of healthy. same genetic variant of HLA gene
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Zadra et al
p's awake in lab 25 hrs. initial episode 50% p's sw. after 90%
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Narcolepsy (DMMG)
Dement et al, Mahowald and Scenck, mignot, gordon et al,
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Dement et al
mice couldnt make hyocretin neurotransmitter developed symptoms.
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Mahowald and Scenck
hypocretin to narcoleptic dogs, cateplexy reduced, more normal sleep waking patterns
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Mignot et al
genetic testing in narcoleptic dogs. defective hypocretin receptor 2 gene found. not able to recognise physiological signals such as those promoting wakefulness.
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gordon et al
injected mice with blood of narcoleptics developed narcolepsy like symptoms. control group didnt
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insomnia (MGMLD)
morin et al, gregory et al, monti, lichstein et al, Dauvillers
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Morin et al
insomniacs reported similar stressful events as normals but rated minor daily hassels higher
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Gregory et al
degree of family conflict at 9-15 correlated with frequency of insomnia at 18
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many cases of insomnia treated successfully by treating underlying case
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Katz et al
p's with chronic medical condition e.g. diabieties, depression, 50% had insomnia
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p's who took vitamin supliments higher rates of insomnia
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Dauvillers et al
over 72% of insomniacs family history of insomnia
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functions of sleep (RDRSHFDR)
Rechtscaffen et al, dement, rattenborg, sharpio, horne and minard, Horne, fatal familal, dj peter tripp, randy gardner
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deprived rats of sleep for 4 weeks, weight loss, body temp unstable, immune failure most died after 4 weeks
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Dement et al
cats in water all died
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same with pigeons no ill effects
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Sharpio et al
marathon runners slept for longer and more time in nrem
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horne and minard
excercise sleep faster but not longer
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meta analysis 50 human sleep dep studies, little evidence it reduced p's ability to perfrom physcial excercise
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dj peter tripp
behaviour became abusive after 3 days as well as experiencing paranoia.
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Randy gardner
none of negative effects
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evolutionary explantions (BALZC)
Bat, Allison, Lesku, zeppelin,capellini
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wakes only few hours to feed before going back to sleep
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risk of predators did sleep less but exceptions like rabbits who slept as long as moles who had low danger rating
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meta analysis on 54 species, animals higher in trophic level slept longer than prey
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animals with higher metabolic rate slept more than larger animals
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neg correlation between metabolic rate and sleep with smaller animals goes against hibernation
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recht et al


baseball teams east to west won 44%, west to east 37%

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klein et al


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