Skill and ability

What's the difference between skill and ability?
Skill is learned, Ability is inherited
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4 characteristics of skills
goal directed, efficient, fluent, aesthetically pleasing
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4 characteristics of ability
reaction time, coordination, balance, agility
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name the four types of skill
Cognitive, Perceptual, Motor, Psychomotor
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explain Cognitive skill
solving problems by thinking and decision making
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explain Perceptual skill
processing sensory information before appropriate action
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explain Motor skill
voluntary movements usually not requiring perception
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explain psychomotor skill
learning is the relationship between cognitive functions and physical movement.
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Name the two types of ability
Motor ability and perceptual ability
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out of the two types of ability, which one is the physical athlete skill?
Motor ability
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what's included in motor ability?
Stamina retained, dynamic strength, explosive straight and body coordination
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whats the difference to open and closed skills?
open skills is performed in an environment with changing factors. closed is one where external factors do not change.
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give a sporting example of a closed and open skill.
open- passing in football. closed- throwing a dart.
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what is meant by externally paced skills?
this is where its dictated by the surrounding environment.
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what is meant by self paced skill?
self paced skills are under the performers control.
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explain Gross skills
this involves big movements such as leg or arm movements in running.
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explain fine skills
this involves precise, usually smaller movements such as adjustment of the wrist in golf.
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define discrete skills
there is a definite beginning and define end.
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explain the term serial skill
discrete skills linked together.
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explain continuous skills
this is where it can't easily be broken down in discrete skills, it must be performed continually.
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4 characteristics of skills


goal directed, efficient, fluent, aesthetically pleasing

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4 characteristics of ability


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name the four types of skill


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explain Cognitive skill


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