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1. Who found that that 28% of people were active members in the church in between 1860 and 1910, which then feel to 17% in 2002?

  • Bruce
  • Hanson
  • Brierley
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2. If religion is becoming "privatised" which secularisation theory does this support?

  • The Broad Approach
  • The Narrow Approach

3. The disapperance thesis and The differentiation thesis are two views of secularisation suggested by who?

  • Woodhead and Heelas
  • Sharon Hanson
  • Eileen Baker

4. The Broad Approach and The Narrow Approach are theories on secularisation by who?

  • Woodhead and Heelas
  • Sharon Hanson
  • Steve Bruce

5. Who said that NAR are "an extention of the doctor's surgery, the beauty parlour and the gym"

  • Woodhead
  • Bruce
  • Barker


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