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1. half the height of a wave is called what....

  • amplitude
  • small wave
  • half wave
  • wavelength
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2. Name 2 of the 7 life processes

  • movement,Nutrition
  • reproducing and neutralising
  • living,breathing
  • fermentation,energy,neutralising

3. air resistance on a moving object is caused by

  • air particles moving on the object
  • air particles moving around the object
  • air particles hitting off the object
  • the wind

4. an igneous rock is formed when..(finish the sentence)

  • volcanos errupt
  • magma or lava cools down
  • lava heats up

5. what is energy measured in?

  • kilojoules
  • i don't know
  • joules
  • degrees
  • newtons
  • celsuis


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