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1. what is the smallest particle of a compound called and what makes up these particles

  • an atom made up of smaller particles
  • i dont know
  • the smallest part of a compound is a molecule which is made up of atoms
  • a molecule mad up of super small particles
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2. what is an element?

  • something that is in the periodic table
  • one of the 117 known elements
  • an element is a simple substance that cannot be split into anything simpler
  • a substance

3. what do transparent materials let light do

  • they reflect light
  • they let light pass through
  • they absorb light
  • i dont know

4. why do scientists not classify viruses as living things?

  • they are too small to see
  • because they cannot carry out the seven life processes
  • they can give people diseases
  • they do not have lungs so they cannot breathe

5. may of the organs from the digestive system produce what

  • particles
  • blood
  • enzymes
  • molecules


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