this is a quiz on all of the topics studied this year

1. heat energy can be transferred in three ways name them all

  • conductors,particles,air
  • infrared radiation,convection,conduction
  • I'm really not sure....
  • current,convection,conduction
  • heat,convection,particles
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2. which is bigger bacteria,fungi or viruses

  • viruses
  • fungi
  • bacteria

3. what does fibre help with

  • circulation
  • singing
  • constipation
  • building bones

4. what is sound a form of

  • energy
  • music
  • particles
  • not sure

5. what is an element?

  • an element is a simple substance that cannot be split into anything simpler
  • a substance
  • something that is in the periodic table
  • one of the 117 known elements


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