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1. arteries carry blood away from the heart so veins must

  • carry blood towards the heart
  • carry blood to other organs
  • take the blood away
  • change the blood type
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2. a magnetic field is....

  • the space around a magnet where it repels magnetic materials
  • the space around a magnet where it attracts materials
  • a piece of ground with lots of iron in it
  • strong area

3. a compound with 2 elements has a name ending in what

  • -so
  • -an
  • -ide
  • -ound

4. what is an element?

  • an element is a simple substance that cannot be split into anything simpler
  • a substance
  • something that is in the periodic table
  • one of the 117 known elements

5. the melting point and the freezing point of a substance are what

  • random
  • the same temperature
  • slightly the same
  • different


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