this is a quiz on all of the topics studied this year

1. an igneous rock is formed when..(finish the sentence)

  • lava heats up
  • magma or lava cools down
  • volcanos errupt
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2. what happens when light shines onto an object viewed in a mirror?

  • the rays are reflected into the eye
  • im not really sure
  • the rays are shone everywhere
  • we can see things

3. light travels nearly what amount of times faster than sound

  • a million
  • a thousand
  • a billion
  • 100 times

4. can light energy travel through space or sound energy(OR BOTH)

  • light energy
  • sound energy
  • both

5. why do scientists not classify viruses as living things?

  • they are too small to see
  • because they cannot carry out the seven life processes
  • they can give people diseases
  • they do not have lungs so they cannot breathe


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