Schizophrenia psychological explanations Ao1 and Ao3

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1. What is the problem the theories of schizophrenogenic mother and double bind?

  • Low criterion validity
  • There is no evidence to support them
  • Reductionist
  • Culture bias
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2. Who found that schizophrenics took twice as long on cognitive tasks (like the Stroop test) than the control group?

  • Frieda Fromm-Reichmann
  • Stirling et al
  • Bateson et al
  • Frith et al

3. What is metarepresentation dysfunction?

  • The disruption of the schizophrenic's ability to recognise their thoughts and actions as their own, instead of someone elses
  • The disruption of the schizophrenic's ability to suppress automatic responses and speech triggered by other thoughts

4. What is expressed emotion?

  • The level of emotion expressed towards the schizophrenic by family members
  • The way in which families hide problems from each other

5. Who devised the theory of double-bind?

  • Bateson et al
  • Frith et al
  • Read et al
  • Stirling et al


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