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How many gospels of the new testament is there
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what does each of them have a different perspective of
What Jesus did and what happened
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What did the writings make his followers realise
his importance
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what are important themes he deall with
Life and Examples important to christians, Miracles and teachings, Justice, Sacrifice and sins
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who was Jesus
God incarnated
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how was he concieved
by the holy spirit
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what did the jewish people believe jesus would be like
the old israeli kings
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what was the name of man sent from god to lead his people
Messaih or Jesus
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what was Jesus anointed with and what did it symbolise
oil and it symbolised leadership
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what was Jesus actually like
he was a spiritual leader
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what was jesus seen as
a saviour from original sin
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why did Jesus come to earth to do
To suffer, Die and save people from eternal death by paying for human sin
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what did this demonstrate to humans
Gods power for death
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what did god do
he forgave humans and the relationship between humans and god was restored
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what can people now do
Spend an eternity with God
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what does Adonai mean
Lord- the plural recognising role of Trinity
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what sort of people does God want as followers
he wants peoplee to b truer, Just, caring, merciful and happy to suffer for the right thing
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what Beatitude did St Theresa of Calcutta
blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
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what Beatitude did Martin Luther King
Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God
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what Beatitude did Oscar Romero
Blessed are the poor in Spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of Heaven
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what did jesus want to do to the law
add to it and not get rid of it
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what should you do to the 10 commandments
follow them but focus on having love in your life
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What does jesus say about the law
He said that peoples thoughts can make them bad and it isnt just their actions
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what does jesus say you shouldnt keep
Grudges against people
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what should you do to enemis and people who hate you
love them
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what must a true disciple do
dismiss showy religion and acts, do the right thing and you are sincere, honest, loving and spiritual in what they do
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what is a good prayer pattern for this
The lords Prayer
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what shouldnt you build up and why
worldy wealth and possessions because you wont get them when you die
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what should you build up and why
worship god, do the right thing and build spiritual treasures because they will go with you to heaven
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why dont you judge people
you dont judge people because you have faults yourself
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what is the narrow gateway
the narrow gateway is the harder way of life it isnt easy to but it is the only way to heaven
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what is the opposite to the narrow gateway
It is the easy way of life but it will in the end not lead to god
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what does building your house on solid foundations mean
it means that you have faith in god and not in anyone else
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what did jesus do
he was obedient to god, loved the outcasts, ate with tax collectors and helped lepers and prostitutes
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what did he want his followers to do
to love each other unconditionally, visit the sick, working against poverty and forgive people
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who made man
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what demonstrated the power of god
Jesus miracles
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what did Jesus' Power demonstrate
a glimpe of heaven
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what was one purpose of incarnation
To suffer and die and then to rise agin bringing salvation to humanity
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what happened during the crucifixtion
Jesus was nailed to a cross till his death
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what made it so bad
it was public, slow, painful and a deterrent
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why was it so significant
it meant that he suffered the full pain of a human death
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what sort of sacrifice was the crucifixtion
An atonement
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what benefit did the death bring
It meant that we could go to heaven
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what did the death fulfil
the old testament prophesis
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when did Jesus Rise from the dead
3 Days later
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how many people saw jeesus after he had risen
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how many of the gospels tell of the women visiting his tomb
all 4
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what did the ressurection show
he had a power over death
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what did the ressurection prove
he was god incarnate
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how many days later did jesus rise to heaven
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what 2 things did people believe about the ascention
some believed he actually went to heaven but some thought it was symbolic
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overall what does the ascention signifies
it signifies the end to jesus' work on earth
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why did he go to heaven
to prepare a place for believers
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who was origianlly the writer of the apostles creed
the apostles
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what do liberals see the incarnation, crucifixtion, ressurection and ascention
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what was broken when adam and eve sinned
the relationship with god
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what was done to repair the relationship
God sent Jesus to save us
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what does salvation mean
to save something
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what does atonement mean
to Make amends
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what religion is Atonement a ancient idea
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How many rules did god give people
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what did people have to do once they broke one of these rules
they had to atone
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what was done on atonement day
Atonement by sacrificing an animal
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what part of the church would the priest enter
the Holy of holies
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what was the blood used for
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what do christians compare the sacrifice to
the death of Jesus
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what was jesus sacrifice superiour to
Any Animal
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what did relidious law do
it condemmed people as sinful and imperfect
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what will all people in the new covenant be able to do
live free and in faith of the holy spirit
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what does the new covenent mean
we are all saved by the grace of god, you are judged by having his blessing and the impotance is on faith
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how did sin enter the world
through adam and eve /
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what did st paul argue
we are offered eternal life by jesus
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how are we all made equal
by salvation
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what does redemption mean
belief in what god has done for them, paying back a debt
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how do you become saved
you have to be sorry
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how can you be sorry
you need to ask for forgiveness and live in a good way
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who does te holy spirit live with
the faithful
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how many types of christians believe in salvation
all of them
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what do some of them think jesus' sacrifice
It was once and for all
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what do others think about Jesus' sacrifice
it was a ransom and it paid for the release of sinners
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what do catholics believe
they are being saved by baptism
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what do evangelicals believe
faith in jesus allows them to be saved
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how do some christians believe that the way they act will save them
they believe that if you are good you will be saved and get eternal life
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what is the name of the new world order
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what is the name of the final time of the earth
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what is the book of revelation
the last book of the bible that features lots of apocalyptic ideas
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what is the second coming
it is where Jesus will come back to earth to start Eschaton
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what is special about a christian life to people who are escatlogical strong
it is more important to them
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what seperates humans from animals
Humans have a soul
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who are humans made in the likeness of
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why is life sacred
we have a special soul
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what happens to our souls when we die
the soul lives on after the body dies
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what will happen at the end times
The Dead will be raised and judged
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when is Hell featured
Jesus mentions a place of punishment
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what do liberal christians believe in
they dont believe in a physical hell anymore
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what do others believe in
some believe hell as annihiation, this destroys the soul and body
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what do people think hell is nowadays
they believe it is purely symbolic
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whose eternal presence are you with in heaven
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what do something think about heaven
they think it is a physical place
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what do roman catholics believe
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where do you go to if you die in a good spititual state
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how do you get out of purgatory quicker
have people pray for you
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who believes in Literalists
they believe in Heaven/Hell
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how many people believe it is all part of gods plan
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why do most christians focous on beig good
it prevents them for going to hell
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what does the parable about the sheep and the goats encourage
it encourages good deeds
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