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A person or group of people who believe there
is only one God
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Something set apart from everything else by God. It is set apart for a purpose.
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All powerful. God can do anything
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All loving and all good.
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Caring and wanting the best for people.
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Being fair and ensuring the right thing happens
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The belief that there are 3 persons in One God (the father, Son and Holy Spirit). All persons are seperate but also all one. (1 in 3 and 3 in 1)
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God the Father
The person of the trinity who is responsible for the creation of the world.
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God the Son
The second person of the trinity - Jesus. God on earth Human form.
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God the Holy Spirit
The 3rd person of the trinity who Christians believe is present in and a guiding force for
human life.
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the act by which God brought the universe into existence.
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means the beginning, the name of the first book
of the bible, in which you find the creation story.
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The word
A term used in Johns gospel, to refer to God the Son. This means all 3 persons of the trinity were present in the story of creation.
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Any action or thought that separates man
from God. Behaviour which goes against the
laws of God.
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Original Sin
the belief that all babies are born with a built in desire to sin because of Eve's actions in the Garden of Eden.
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The son of God, God on earth in human form.
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Becoming flesh and taking a human form, Jesus
is God incarnate.
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Jesus being nailed to the cross on Good Friday as a method of executing him.
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Jesus rising from the dead on Easter Sunday.
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Jesus returning to God the Father in heaven 40 days after.
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The Great Commission
The command Jesus gave his disciples at the ascension, he commanded them to wait for a
sign and then spread Christianity around the world.
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The birthday of the Christian Church. The day the disciplines received the gift of the holy spirit
which allowed them to speak in tongues and
start their spread of Christianity.
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Saving the Soul from Sin. Salvation can be achieved through good work and God's grace.
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The restoration of the relationship between
man and God achieved through the birth, death
and resurrection.
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A form of worship/belief that emphasises the
work of the Holy Spirit and the gifts it brings to mankind.
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A denomination of Christianity that engages in Charismatic worship-they place value on direct experience of God via the holy spirit.
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A state of eternal happiness in the presence of God, a place of eternal peace.
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A place of eternal suffering or state of being
without God.
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A Catholic belief. A place of waiting where souls are cleaned in order to enter heaven.
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The devil. Christian Traditions states that he was an angel (Lucifer) who tried to overthrow God. God clipped his wings and sent him to rule over hell.
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Something set apart from everything else by God. It is set apart for a purpose.



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All powerful. God can do anything


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All loving and all good.


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Caring and wanting the best for people.


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