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Foetus development timeline

2 weeks - Eyes, ears nose form
2.5 - Heart starts beating
4- Sex organs have begun to develop
5 - Nervous system developed
6 - Brain waves can be measured
8 - All organs present and functioning
12 - Brain fully formed
13 - Hair begins to grow
20 - Foetus viable
40 - Normal pregnancy length

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Key Terms:
Abortion - removal of foetus from womb before it is viable
Pro-life - People who have  a belief against abortion
Pro-choice - A belief that woman's rights are more important. She has the right to choose, thus abortion is acceptable.

The law:
Abortion is allowed up to 24 weeks if:

  • Continuing pregnancy poses physical/mental risk to woman
  • Physical/mental health of existing children at risk
  • If child could be physically/mentally disabled

Abortion allowed after 24 weeks if:

  • Evidence of severe deformity in baby
  • Serious physical/mental health risk to woman
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Christians and abortion

Christians believe in the 'Sanctity of Life' this means all life is holy and comes from God. Anglican church are more liberal than Roman Catholics since they believe that abortion can be the lesser of two evils.

Roman Catholics
Always against abortion- life begins at conception. Absolutist.

Abortion wrong but in some cases should be allowed.

Although abortion is not ideal, it is sometimes best option. Situationist.

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Muslims and abortion

Similar views to Christians, they believe in sanctity of life which means abortion is wrong.

"Whosoever has killed a soul, it is as though he has murdered all of mankind" - Qu'ran 

Life begins when soul has entered foetus (ensoulment) at 120 days 

Many agree that it should be allowed however, if the woman's life is in danger. This is the only way it is allowed after 120 days- it is the lesser of two evils because:
1) If the mother dies, the foetus is likely to die
2) Foetus wouldn't exist without mother
3) She has responsibilities in her already established life
4) She is part of a family 

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