Road to War

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1. Who argues that the Nazis have no FP programme and are just grabbing opportunities as they come, evidenced in their abrupt hostility towards UK?

  • Ian Kershaw
  • Robert Mallet and McGregor Knox
  • Hans Mommsen and Martin Broszet
  • Ebhard Jaeckel
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2. What is Franco's stance on WWII?

  • He doesn't want to join due to just having had a Civil war
  • He wanted to join the allies
  • He wanted to join the Axis and get straight in
  • he wanted to join later on

3. What happened in the First two years of war?

  • Hitler thought USSr weakened by purges and by Finnish war in 1939-41 which took longer than expected
  • All of theses reasons
  • Invaded USSR in 1941 (Thought it'd be easy) - Operation Barbarossa
  • Stalin taken aback by invasion (Believed temporary truce)
  • Invaded Poland in 1939 (went well - a warm up for Russia)

4. What was the main war that resulted in the regimes high point?

  • WWI
  • Abyssinian war
  • Libyan War
  • WWII

5. what changes occurred in FP?

  • communist threat looms larger as seen in Spanish civil war and growing industrialisation in USSR
  • all of these reasons
  • Italy entered war later than pact said
  • German Four year plan to prepare for war, Goering becomes economic minister


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