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2. Which historian argued that Mussolini had no FP plan, evidenced in his lack of action against European neighbours?

  • Richard Bosworth
  • Jan Plamper
  • Robert Mallet
  • Peter Anderson

3. What did the Planx want to do with Spain but the Army and Church disagreed?

  • They wanted to Join the war
  • They wanted a more imperialist Spain
  • They wanted to have a democracy
  • They wanted to isolate Spain from the world

4. Who argued that Mussolini had a clear FP plan, one of imperialism?

  • Alexander Wakerfuss
  • McGregor Knox and Robert Mallet
  • Alexander Sanchez
  • Richard Bosworth

5. What is Franco's stance on WWII?

  • he wanted to join later on
  • He doesn't want to join due to just having had a Civil war
  • He wanted to join the Axis and get straight in
  • He wanted to join the allies


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