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When did the Boscastle Flash Flood occur?
16 August 2004
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There were how many mm of stationary rainfall?
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Boscastle lies on a confluence between the Rivers...
Valency and Jordan
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Boscastle lies in a...valley
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The channel was narrowed for...
urban development
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a picturesque bridge was built across the river which led to the formation of...
debris dams
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when the debris dams broke, water flowed through at over
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The visitor centre was damaged by a...
60ft tree
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How many residents and visitors were affected?
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What was the cost of the damage?
over £20 million
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How many helicopters were used to airlift people to safety?
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How many properties were damaged?
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How many cars were washed away?
over 100
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The Flood Defence Scheme was completed in 2008. How much did it cost?
£46 million
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The lower bridge was removed to prevent the formation of...
debris dams
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the river was...and...deepened at various points
widened, deepened
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the patio of the...hotel was moved back
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vegetation was planted on the valley sides to increase....
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The Bangladesh Floods of 1998 covered what percentage of the country in water?
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Dhaka was under how many metres of water?
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How much of the country is less than 1m above sea level?
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Bangladesh has a...climate
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annual snowmelt in the...increased the discharge of the rivers in the upper course
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Which human activity was conducted at the foothills of the Himalayas that reduced interception and increased rates of surface run-off?
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Give two reasons why Bangladesh has little influence over the way the rivers are managed?
Bangladesh is an LEDC, 90% of the rivers flow in other countries
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How many people were made homeless?
30 million
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How many people died?
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Which two water-borne diseases caused many deaths?
Typhoid and cholera
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How many hectares of crops were destroyed?
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The government sent free...to farmers
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How many tonnes of cereal were sent to the general population in emergency aid?
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Which structures have been built to increase the capacities of the rivers?
Artificial levees
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Give three types of structures that have been built to store things in emergencies?
Flood protection shelters, emergency medical stores and flood-proof sheds
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Which type of system is now in place to warn people of an impending flood?
Emergency warning systems
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There were how many mm of stationary rainfall?



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Boscastle lies on a confluence between the Rivers...


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Boscastle lies in a...valley


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The channel was narrowed for...


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