Right Realism & Crime

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1. A criticism of rational choice theory is that...

  • It wasn't a legitimate theory so doesn't deserve any recognition.
  • Many working class people don't understand what choice actually means.
  • Some crimes are impulsive, so no calculation is used.
  • Consumerism is to blame for crime.
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2. Within Environmental Crime Prevention, it's argued that the police should tackle...

  • All types of crime, not just the most serious types.
  • Crime in London, rather than crime elsewhere.
  • Criminals who have a known history for committing crime.
  • Vandalism by engaging in conflict with those who they suspect of being anti-social or criminal.

3. Rational choice theory is argued by which sociologist?

  • Parsons
  • Clarke
  • Murray
  • Althusser

4. Wilson argued that trying to eradicate poverty won't...

  • Majorly reduce crime, as many poor don't commit so poverty isn't to blame.
  • Help the working class until 3 years after it has been eradicated.
  • Matter to the middle class, as they don't live in any areas affected by poverty.
  • Work, unless a considerable amount of money is spent on the inner city areas.

5. A criticism of SCP is that it can create a new type of social inequality, as poor can't afford surveillance, so would be more vulnerable to crime. Who argues this?

  • Teleologists
  • Functionalists
  • Marxists
  • New Right


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