Right Realism & Crime

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1. A criticism of SCP is that it can create a new type of social inequality, as poor can't afford surveillance, so would be more vulnerable to crime. Who argues this?

  • Teleologists
  • Functionalists
  • Marxists
  • New Right
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2. In order to reduce scoial problems such as vandalism, Wilson & Kelling note that public housing buildings should not do what?

  • Exceed 3 floors.
  • Advertise jobs, as unemployment could cause further rebellion and crime.
  • House previous criminals.
  • Be open after 6pm every night.

3. Broken windows theory relates to a type of crime prevention known as Environmental Crime Prevention, where any anti-social behaviour must be prevented...

  • Immediately
  • If the necessary fund are available to use, and if there is nothing else prioritised.
  • Within a two-week time scale
  • If it gets worse

4. Broken windows theory was argued by Wilson and who else?

  • Murray
  • Kelling
  • Wilson
  • Clarke

5. Situational Crime Prevention (SCP) focuses on doing what to crime?

  • Accepting it in the inner-city areas.
  • Designing it out.
  • Advertising it.
  • Ignoring it until the problem becomes worse.


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