Right Realism & Crime

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1. ECP: disorder occurs if there's little sense of community, as...

  • No-one minds the crime.
  • formal & informal social control is will usually be weak.
  • No-one will confront the vandals.
  • There isn't anyone to report crimes to.
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2. Wilson & Kelling believe in which theory?

  • Weak policing
  • Broken windows
  • Viscious vandalism
  • Rational choice

3. Controversially, Wilson & Kelling believe no effort should be put into preventing crime in inner-city areas, as...

  • No-one lives there.
  • Criminals don't live in these areas.
  • Crime is too bad. Police need to focus on areas where 'there is still hope'.
  • They are already over-policed, so they don't require any more protection.

4. Wilson & Hernstein: people born with...

  • A status that could mean that they may commit deviance.
  • predisposition against crime and if parents don't teach children norms and values, they may commit crime.
  • The options to commit crime, but they don't commit crime as they don't want to offend their family.
  • A natural reason to commit crime.

5. Wilson also argues that many poor people...

  • don't experience poverty, yet still commit crime.
  • are criminals, so poverty needs to be eradicated.
  • don't commit crime, so poverty is not to blame.
  • commit crime due to poverty.


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