Right Realism & Crime

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1. Clarke: crime is a choice based on a rational calculation of perceived benefits and perceived costs. This is known as what?

  • Rational choice theory
  • Benefits and costs calculation
  • Rational calculation formula
  • General criminal choice
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2. Murray argues that generous welfare benefits have led to the rise of the...

  • Benefit subcultures
  • Underclass
  • Old rabble
  • Altruism

3. Wilson & Hernstein: people born with...

  • The options to commit crime, but they don't commit crime as they don't want to offend their family.
  • predisposition against crime and if parents don't teach children norms and values, they may commit crime.
  • A natural reason to commit crime.
  • A status that could mean that they may commit deviance.

4. Hirschi: human's act rationally and are controlled by being offered what?

  • Socialisation
  • A deal
  • A voucher
  • A reward only

5. Currently, right realists argue that the perceived costs of crime are...

  • Low, thus increasing the crime rate.
  • High, meaning that the crime rate is low.
  • High in London, which leads to criminals targetting rural areas.
  • Low, but people still don't commit crime.


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