Right Realism & Crime

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1. Currently, right realists argue that the perceived costs of crime are...

  • Low, but people still don't commit crime.
  • High, meaning that the crime rate is low.
  • Low, thus increasing the crime rate.
  • High in London, which leads to criminals targetting rural areas.
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2. Which of the following is not one of Hirschi's 4 bonds of attachment?

  • Commitment = lose investments
  • Involvement = involved in community, would lose reputation if committed crime
  • Love = family and friends
  • Attachment = family

3. Hirschi's 4 bonds of attachment are attachment, commitment, involvement and what?

  • Adaption
  • Love
  • Belief
  • Acknowledgment

4. Controversially, Wilson & Kelling believe no effort should be put into preventing crime in inner-city areas, as...

  • Criminals don't live in these areas.
  • They are already over-policed, so they don't require any more protection.
  • Crime is too bad. Police need to focus on areas where 'there is still hope'.
  • No-one lives there.

5. Environmental crime prevention: crime due to anti-social behaviour e.g.

  • Vandalism or drugs being used in public.
  • Drugs being sold to other countries.
  • Driving vehicles through puddles, in order to spray pedestrians.
  • Vandalism made in criminals' homes.


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