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2. What happens to the Hydrogen released from the Krebs Cycle?

  • It is reused in the next Krebs Cycle
  • it is used to reduce NAD and FAD, which diffuse to the inner mitochondrial membrane for the electron transport chain
  • it diffuses out of the mitochondria by lipid diffusion, into the tissue fluid and into the blood where it is carried to the lungs and removed from the body

3. Where does the Link Reaction take place?

  • Inner Mitochondrial Membrane
  • Mitochondrial Matrix
  • Cytoplasm

4. Where does the Krebs Cycle take place?

  • Mitochondrial Matrix
  • Inner Mitochondrial Membrane
  • Cytoplasm

5. Summarise the Link Reaction

  • Acetyl coenzyme A + NAD + hydrogen = pyruvate + hydrgoen + carbon dioxide
  • Pyruvate + NAD + coenyzme A = acetyl coenzyme A + NADH + Carbon dioxide
  • Pyruvate + acetyl coenzyme A + NADH = Hydrogen + coenzyme A + NAD


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