Research Methods

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1. Putting all names onto a list of the target population and choosing, for example, every 5th name

  • Volunteer Sample
  • Random Sample
  • Systematic sample
  • Opportunity sample
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2. The exten to which we ca be sure our test or procedure measures the right things

  • Internal Validity
  • Concurrent Validity
  • Content Validity
  • Ecological Validity

3. This is the extent to which we can be sure that our results hold true once we are outside the experimental situation

  • External validity
  • Internal validity
  • Concurrent validity
  • Content validity

4. The extent to whoch our test or procudure agrees with other measures of whatever variable we are assessing

  • ecological validity
  • validity
  • concurrent validity
  • content validity

5. Defining variables in a form that they can be easily measured/ unambiguous

  • observation
  • independent variable
  • operationalised
  • content


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