Research Methods

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1. Variables not under the experimenters control and may affect the behaviour being measured (the DV)

  • measured variable
  • Confounding variable
  • fair variable
  • independent variable
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2. Misleading or withholding information

  • confidentiality
  • deception
  • informed consent
  • protection from harm

3. This is the middle value in a set of scores when they are placed in rank order

  • mean
  • numerical
  • median
  • mode

4. This involves advertising for volunteers. Most people do not volunteer to take part in studies unless we actually approach and ask them. This therefore guarantees a unrepresentative sample

  • self-selecting (volunteer) sampling
  • opportunity samplying
  • systematic sampling

5. This is points on a linear scale which has equal divisions between the points and a zero baseline

  • Non-numerical data
  • Numerical data
  • Ratio data
  • Explicit data


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