Research Methods

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1. Every member of the target population has an equal chance of being selected (such as putting all names in a hat and picking out 10)

  • volunteer samping
  • opportunity sampling
  • Random sampling
  • systematic sampling
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2. When results on a linear scale have equal divisions. The scale has no real zero

  • abstract data
  • interval data
  • statistical data
  • ratio data

3. real consent is freely given from participants who fully understands what they are agreeing to

  • confidentiality
  • consent
  • right to withdraw
  • protection from harm

4. This is the extent to which we can be sure that our results hold true once we are outside the experimental situation

  • Concurrent validity
  • External validity
  • Internal validity
  • Content validity

5. The extent that we can be sure that the results are a product of what we think they are. In other words, we can be sure the DV is a product of the IV

  • reliability
  • validity
  • internal reliability
  • external reliability


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