Research Methods


1. Data that cab be grouped into categories and the scores are described as frequencies

  • nominal level data
  • non-numerical level data
  • ratio data
  • ordinal level data
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2. Analysis of material to see what categories or themes emerge

  • Content Analysis
  • Content validity
  • Concurrent validity
  • Ordinal data

3. When results on a linear scale have equal divisions. The scale has no real zero

  • statistical data
  • abstract data
  • interval data
  • ratio data

4. The most frequently occurring value in a set of scores

  • Ratio
  • Median
  • Mode
  • Mean

5. participants should be informed of the purpose of the investigations. It is not acceptable to lie about the nature of the study

  • right to withdraw
  • informed consent
  • deception
  • protection from harm


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