Research Methods

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1. This is when points lie in order on a scale. The points themselves may be numbers or words, but in either cause the distances between the values are only representative- the scale does not necessarily have to have equal divisions

  • nominal data
  • ordinal data
  • interval data
  • ratio data
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2. This involves advertising for volunteers. Most people do not volunteer to take part in studies unless we actually approach and ask them. This therefore guarantees a unrepresentative sample

  • self-selecting (volunteer) sampling
  • opportunity samplying
  • systematic sampling

3. It predicts that the IV will affect the DV but the direction of the effect is not specified

  • null hypthesis
  • directional hyposthesis
  • non-direction hypothesis
  • hypothesis

4. A number representing the degree or strength of relationship between two sets of measurements

  • ratio
  • correlation coefficient
  • concurrent
  • coincide

5. When the IV is not under direct control of the experimenter and so occurs naturally

  • natural experiment
  • lab experiment
  • artificial experiment
  • observation


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