Research Methods

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1. The exten to which we ca be sure our test or procedure measures the right things

  • Internal Validity
  • Concurrent Validity
  • Content Validity
  • Ecological Validity
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2. Refers to the consistency of a test/study (how dependable it is) also if it's repeated and similar results are obstained

  • Reliability
  • Validity
  • Concurrent Validity
  • Ecological validity

3. data that is non-numerical and descriptive (rich in detail)

  • qualitative data
  • quantitative data

4. Misleading or withholding information

  • deception
  • protection from harm
  • informed consent
  • confidentiality

5. This is the middle value in a set of scores when they are placed in rank order

  • mean
  • median
  • mode
  • numerical


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