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2. when was the night of the long knives?

  • July 1933
  • June 1933
  • June 1934
  • March 1933

3. what was the Reichstag fire

  • a dutchman threw a bomb at the Reichstag building
  • the Reichstag building was burnt down by a communist dutchman
  • the house of lords was burnt

4. what was the effect of the death of Hindenburg?

  • germany lost a solid trustworthy man.
  • Hitler combined the powers of chancellor and president to become the Fuhrer.
  • thousands of people mourned the war hero.

5. what was the effect of the enabling act?

  • Germany became a totalitarian state
  • Hitler could buy as many ice creams as he wanted
  • Hitler could kill all the communists.


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