Religious Studies

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What is Creed?
A system of belief.
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What is Martyr?
Someone who is willing to sacrifice themselves for their beliefs.
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What is Trinity?
God in 3 forms:Father,Son and The Holy Spirt.
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What is a Pacifist?
Someone who beliefs in all forms of violence is wrong.
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be able to have a relationship with,someone you can relate to,he cares for everyone
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God is simply just an idea or a force.
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God acts in the world and in the universe.
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God is outside and beyond this universe.
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What is the Cosmological Argument?
God must have a cause.
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What is the Design Argument?
Everything is this world has been created or designed by someone and that is God
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We started of as bacteria and evolved over time into humans.
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Big Bang:
The world which keep expanding and then stop then start to get smaller.
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What are the conditions of "Just War"?
Must be controlled by an Official Authority,Last resort,Must be a just/right cause,Civilians getting hurt should be avoided.
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How did Christians suffer for their beliefs?
E.g. Maximillian was a priest who put others before him as he died for someone else.
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Who was Gandi and what did he do?
Gandi was a famous hindu who beleived strongly in non-violence,He gained independence from Britain to India by getting hurt.
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Who are the 5 pillars of Islam?
Shahadah:The declaration of faith, Salah:Pray 5 times a day, Zakat:Give 2.5% of earnings to charity, Sawn:Fasting during Ramadam, Hajj: Pilgramage to Mecca
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Why do women cover their heads?
Because God requires them to do it.
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Religious Attitudes for animals:(Islam)
Islam:Be good to animals and cruelty is forbidden its our duty.If you are kind to animals God will be kind back.
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Religious Attitudes for animals:(Buddism)
Try not to harm any living things or animals.Karma will take place.Its totally wrong to use animals in experiments.
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Religious Attitudes for animals:(Christanity)
Should be treated with rights because they suffer pain and stress as do humans.
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What is Martyr?


Someone who is willing to sacrifice themselves for their beliefs.

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What is Trinity?


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