Religion, renewal and choice

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1. Which of these isn't a criticism of religious market theory?

  • It assumes people are 'naturally' religious
  • Bruce rejects the view that diversity and competition increase the demand for religion
  • They all are
  • Stark and Bainbrige misrepresent secularisation theory
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2. According to Bruce, which of these is a weakness of the New Age?

  • Structural weakness
  • The problem of scale
  • All of these answers
  • Weak commitment
  • Socialisation of the next generation

3. According Norris and Inglehart, which societies are more likely to be religious?

  • Small societies
  • Poor societies
  • Big societies
  • Rich societies

4. Who found that if a country spends more on welfare, they are likely to be less religious?

  • Voas and Crockett
  • Lundegaarde
  • Stark and Bainbridge
  • Norris and Inglehart

5. Who talks about believing without belonging?

  • Davie
  • Wilson
  • Hervieu-Leger
  • Lyon


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