Religion & Relationships.

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1. Which of these is a Buddhist teaching?

  • 'Do not harm living beings'
  • A woman may use contraception if a pregnancy would cause harm...
  • Every sexual act should have the possibility of creating new life
  • Children are a gift... but contraception is accepted for good reasons by most...
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2. What is the meaning of homosexual?

  • a human who is sexually attracted only to members of the same sex
  • a human who is sexually attracted only to the members of the opposite sex
  • a human who is sexually attracted to members of both sexes
  • a human who isn't attracted to members of any sex

3. Do Christians accept contraception?

  • Depends on which churches.
  • Only artificial types.
  • Yes, they do as they believe that it is cruel to have too many children.
  • No, they don't as they believe that it goes against natural law.

4. Identify one artificial method of contraception.

  • The coil.
  • The rhythm method.
  • Sterilisation.

5. Do Buddhists accept contraception?

  • Most kinds.
  • All kinds.
  • Not any kinds.


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