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2. To study attachment across a culture, psychologists use?

  • Long term-culture studies
  • Cross-cultural studies
  • Inter-cultural studies
  • Cultural-differences studies

3. In Van Ijzendoorn and Kroonenburg's study into cultural variation in attachment, which the of attachment was most common?

  • Type D - Disorganised
  • Type A - Avoidant
  • Type B - Secure attachment
  • Type C - Ambivalent

4. Bowlby claims that attachments are?

  • Taught Behaviour for infants
  • Instinctive behaviour for infants and caregivers
  • Learnt by caregivers
  • Developed through conditioning

5. Bowlby states that attachments provide infants with....?

  • An internal working model for future attachments
  • Love
  • A good understanding of survival strategies
  • A base for healthy cognitive developments


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