Psychology - attachment quick quiz 2

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1. Bowlby's theory is loosely based on...?

  • Lorenz and his "imprinting"
  • Maccoby and his four characteristics of attachments
  • Ainsworth and her "Strange Situation Study"
  • The Genie Case Study
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2. Bowlby states that attachments provide infants with....?

  • Love
  • A good understanding of survival strategies
  • An internal working model for future attachments
  • A base for healthy cognitive developments

3. The Learning Theory of Attachment is supported by a study carried out by...?

  • Zimbarbo and his prison experiment into fulfilling social role
  • Skinner, animals repeat behaviour if rewarded & Pavlov, dogs associated bell with food
  • Lorenz and his imprinting theory with geese
  • Milgram, participants obey orders from official to administer lethal electric shock

4. In Bowlby's Evolutionary Theory, attachments are formed through?

  • Natural selection, infants are an investment for the caregiver, and will carry on their line of family.
  • Selection pressure, parents chose the strongest of their infants to focus on.
  • Conditioning, the infant associates the caregiver with food and comfort.
  • A period of time, the caregiver recognises and forms an attachment with the infant over the course of 5 months

5. Van Ijzendoorn and Kroonenburg carried out a meta-analysis of results of 32 studies in 8 countries on attachment using?

  • Ainsworth's Strange Situation Study
  • Lorenz - Imprinting
  • Bowlby's Evolutionary Theory of Attachment
  • The Learning Theory of Attachment


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