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Define Attachment
ATTACHMENT A close emotional bond between 2 people. It's a two way process that endures over time.
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Define Ethology
ATTACHMENT The study of animal behaviour
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Define Imprinting
ATTACHMENT An innate readiness to develop a strong bond with a mother figure which takes place during a sensitive or critical period
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Define Classical Conditioning
ATTACHMENT The process by which you pair a unconditioned stimulus to a neutral stimulus to gain a conditional response.
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Define Unconditioned Stimulus
ATTACHEMENT Anything that creates a natural response (eg. Reflex.)
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Define Unconditioned Response
ATTACHMENT Behaviour/ reflexes that you can't easily control
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Define Conditioned Stimulus
ATTACHMENT Creating a response to something that is trained
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Define Conditioned Response
ATTACHMENT The reaction that you achieve through training
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Define Operant Conditioning
ATTACHMENT Learning through consequence and reinforcement. Consequences can positive or negative.
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Define Positive Reinforcement
ATTACHMENT Rewarding behaviour to increase the likihood of it happening again.
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Define Negative Reinforcement
ATTACHMENT Rewarding behaviour to remove an unpleasent consequence.
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Define Innate
ATTACHMENT Characteristics that are inborn, a product of genetic factors.
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Define Continuity Hypothesis
ATTACHMENT The idea that emotionally secure infants go on to be emotionally secure, trusting and socially confident adults.
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Define Internal Working Model
ATTACHMENT A mental model of the world that enables an individual to predict and control theri enviroment based on expectations and experiences.
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Define Ethology


ATTACHMENT The study of animal behaviour

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Define Imprinting


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Define Classical Conditioning


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