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  • explanation 1 Bowlby's theory
    • according to Bowlby attachment is;
      • attachment is adaptive and innate.
        • -seeking safety
        • -infant will form attatchment
        • -developed for survival
        • -infant will stay close to attachment figure who feeds and protects them
        • sensitive period
          • -attachment form - 1st 2.5 years
          • -after that it may not form at all.
          • social releasers
            • -crying or smiling= care giving reaction
            • -necessary to insure interaction takes place
            • -infant= closely attached to person who interacts best
            • monotropy
              • -infant has one specific attatchment
              • -person who responds most sensitively
              • -monotropy is vital for healthy psychological development.
              • internal working model
                • attachment=helps infant form healthy emotional relationships
                • IWM=montropy (1st relationship =basis of future relationships
                • part of the continuity hypothesis
                  • suggesting early patterns of attachment=same for future relationships


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