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Short quiz covering part of SLT and behaviourist approaches

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1. Behaviorist approach: Who conducted the experiment "Little Albert" which supports classical conditioning?

  • Langer and Rodin (1920)
  • Watson and Rayner (1920)
  • Watson and Rayner (1934)
  • Langer and Rodin (1933)
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2. Social learning theory: Which experiment supports the Social Learning theory?

  • "Bobo doll"
  • Clive Wearing
  • Pavlov's dogs
  • Little Albert

3. Behaviorist approach: Who and where was Operant conditioning developed?

  • Burrhus Frederic Skinner in America
  • Burrhus Frederic Skinner in Holland
  • Ian Petrovich Skinner in Russia
  • Ian Petrovich Skinner in Spain

4. Social learning theory: Which of the following is not an assumption of the social learning theory?

  • Observational learning had four conditions: Attention, retention, motor production and motivation
  • Instincts, or drives, motivate our behavior and energise the mind
  • Learning can occur by observing role models in the environment
  • Learning can be a result of direct reinforcement and indirect or vicarious reinforcement
  • Mediational processes, which lie between stimulus and response, influence our behavior.

5. Social learning theory: Which best describes Motivation?

  • The individual replicates the behaviour shown by the model
  • The individual is keen to demonstrate the behavior that has been observed
  • The individual notices someone in their enviroment
  • The individual remembers what they observed


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