Psychology 2 Definitions of Abnormality

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1. What does P stand for in PAPERS?

  • Positive attitude towards oneself and Personal Autonomy
  • Positive attitude and Presentation
  • Personal autonomy and Presentation
  • Presentation and Pregnancy
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2. What does R stand for in PAPERS?

  • Resistance to stress
  • Reading
  • Reality
  • Random activity

3. What's a limitation of failure to function adequately?

  • Temperal validity e.g being gay
  • Some people are considered abnormal but they live normal lives (Yorkshire Ripper)
  • Temperal validity e.g burping in someone's face
  • Few people reach self actualisation

4. What's a limitation of deviation from mental health?

  • Temperal validity eg being gay
  • Few people reach self actualisation
  • Temperal validity eg burping in someone's face
  • Some people are considered abnormal however they lead normal lives (Yorkshire Ripper)

5. What does E stand for in PAPERS?

  • Environmental Mastery
  • Equality
  • Everlasting happiness
  • End goal


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