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2. What does P stand for in PAPERS?

  • Personal autonomy and Presentation
  • Presentation and Pregnancy
  • Positive attitude towards oneself and Personal Autonomy
  • Positive attitude and Presentation

3. How is hunger strike not failure to function?

  • It is done for principal not because they're abnormal
  • It is done because they've got no sleep
  • It is failure to function
  • They do it to enjoy their next meal better

4. What definition suggests someone is unable to experience a normal range of behaviours?

  • Failure to be social
  • Failure to function adequately
  • Deviation from mental health
  • Deviation from social norms

5. What does E stand for in PAPERS?

  • Environmental Mastery
  • Equality
  • Everlasting happiness
  • End goal


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