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2. name a open membership group

  • oxfam, british heart foundation, NUT
  • cancer research, oxfam, british heart foundation
  • canser resarch,RCN, BMA

3. what are the access points for pressure groups?

  • mps, lords, house commons, dancing
  • mps, lords, house commons, media, lobbying
  • commons, media, lobbying, shopping
  • books, magazines, gardening

4. what is an insider group?

  • a group that is in favor with the government and it changes from governmnet to government
  • a group that is sat inside government
  • a group that is hated by everyone
  • a group that is full of like minded people that dont like going outside their houses

5. can you be catogrised as more then one type

  • yes
  • no


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