Power and Conflict - Remains (Armitage)

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In the quote "inside out...tosses his guts" what device is used?
horrific imagery
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The keyword "tosses" suggests what?
the soldiers carelessness
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Here we can see how what?
war has impacted the soldiers
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Since they are ________?
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and how they?
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This is again reinforced through the what language?
brutal and unemotional
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The colloquial language may be used to show what?
how the soldier is unable to handle their memories
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This poem is a part of what?
the canon
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What is the canon related to?
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What is its main purpose?
to show reality and gruesome drudgery of war
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And to show how war is what?
a waste
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In the quote "blood-shadow" what device is used?
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This may be a what?
a psychological stain
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of what?
the body
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It is a what memory?
an imprinted memory of the dead man
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Which cannot be what?
washed away
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Here we can see guilt what?
being overpowering
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The shadow may be a what?
the absence of light
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This may represent what?
the darkness in the soldiers life
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What form is used in this poem?
a dramatic monologue
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The monologue creates a what tone?
a personal tone
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This makes the poem more what?
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It also captures what?
the psychological struggles and trauma of soldiers
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The keyword "tosses" suggests what?


the soldiers carelessness

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Here we can see how what?


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Since they are ________?


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