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What are the features of a political party
group of ppl who share similar ideologies + try to represent the electorate, can be started by anyone-about anything, put forward candidates in elections, put policies forward in manifesto, not all political parties have a chance of winning power tho
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What are the functions of a political party
WHAT THEY DO- put forward policies on national/local level-inline w/ideologies, allows electoral rep+allows electorate to have a voice in politics, provide govt., train+recruit leaders+filter out ppl who arent up to the job
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What are the functions of a political party-2
provide opposition to govt(essential in pluralistic democracy), provide political participation-become member or campaign for them, provide electoral functions-put forward candidates and test out policies
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what does pragmatic mean
do what is best in the given circumstances
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what does dogmatic mean
stick to an ideology no matter what
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key conservatism writer?
edmund burke
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edmund burke view of conservatism
skeptical view of humans, says humans are selfish, greedy and egotistic, therefore humans are fatally flawed, pragmatic rather than dogmatic, opposed to fast changing-radical policies
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edmund burke view of conservatism-2
believe status quo should be preserved rather than revolution, tend to support traditional values+institutions such as monarchy,HoL,Church of England, tend to believe in paternalism
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what is paternalism
choosing what is best for the ppl even if its not what they want
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key figure for one nation conservatism
Benjamin Disraeli
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Disraeli view- one nation conservatism
danger arises from 2 nations-upper and lower class, functionalism, to bring social unity you need alliance between trad and democratic institutions, wealthy have obligation to look after poor
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what is functionalism
trying to build social unity
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key aspects of thatcherism
privatisation-transport,gas,airways,coal,telephone lines,petroleum, marketisation-introduces choice+competition between public service sector(edu act 1998),poll tax,emphasises individualism,cut welfare,cut public sector
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key aspects of thatcherism-2
right to buy scheme on council houses, deregulation of financial movements,free market,no such thing as society,fight trade unions
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2015 conservative policies that = thatcherite
extend right to buy scheme, law for no rise in income tax or national insurance before 020, cut welfare by £12bn(austerity argument)
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2015 conservative policies that = one nation
increase min wage to £8 by 2020, double free childcare allowance for 3+4yr olds to 30hrs/week
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what is revolutionary socialism
rapid change or violent overthrow of the existing order
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what is democratic socialism
changing the existing order through already existing methods, economic redistribution(tax and welfare),collectivism-wider society or group is more important than individual, state should manage economy(keynes consensus), all industry is nationalised
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when was labour founded
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what is Keynesianism
economic theories of john keynes,govt should regulate economy through management such as cutting taxes and spending or increasing them
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what is Corbynism
economic regulations-financial sector eg banks, falls between keynesian parameters, left wing social democracy, nationalisation of public sector, deeply critical view of capitalism, end austerity policies, some see it as a return to 1970s Labour-Foot
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key corbyn policies that=keynesian
bring back student maintenance grant,investment in infrastructure,manufacturing+new industries,nationalise railways,maybe even water and energy,reintroduce 50p top rate of income tax for earnings over£150,000,publicly funded NHS
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key corbyn policies that=keynesian-2
nationalise services like NHS,curbing private finance contracts in NHS
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key corbyn policies that=socialist
unilateral disarmament,brit get rid of nuclear weapons,votes against use of military forces in combat eg Iraq war 2003+bombing Syria 2015,Bremain,abolish tuition fees, National Education Service,1mil new homes,abolish 0hr contacts,raise min wage-£10
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key corbyn policies that=socialist-2
NHS should be free at point of use,protect welfare state,tackle inequality,prejudice and discrimination, devolution of power to local councils,regions and nations,replace HoL w/elected second chamber,increase democracy in community thru participation
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what is liberal democracy
emphasis on individual freedoms, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of press etc
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key liberalists
John Stewart Mill, John Lock, Jeremy Bentham, Adam Smith
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key aspects of liberalism
state authority should be based on consent, argues ppl should be citizens rather than subjects, constitution should be set out by the state,citizens have rights and duties, state shouldnt infringe on personal freedoms unless harms others
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key policies of Lib Dems 2015 manifesto
increase personal tax free allowance to £12,500, extra £2.5bn for englands education budget, guaranteeing education funding from nursery to 19+qualified teachers in every class, eradicate the structural deficit by 2017/18
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name 2 labour party factions
old labour and new labour
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what are old labour
more socialist
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what are new labour
more liberalist
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old labour movements include
stop the war coalition,momentum(grasroots org to support JC),open labour
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new labour movements include
saving labour(led JC leadership challenge-say JC cant win bc doesnt appeal to crucial middle ground),labour first, labour for the common good
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name 2 lib dem party factions
social liberals and market liberals
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key social liberals
john keynes, david llyod george, tim farron,william beverage
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key aspects of social liberalism
closer to labour+socialism,welfare state,higher public spending,government spending,regulations to protect consumers and the environment,coalition govt-pupil premium
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key aspects of market liberals
closer to cons and thatcher bc free market,reduced role for the state-particularly in the economy
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UKIP percentage of votes,number of votes+number of seats
13.9% of votes, 3.8 mil votes + only 1 seat-bc of FPTP
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key UKIP policies
ban foreign criminals entering or remaining in brit,get rid of inheritance tax,reduce immigration to 50k,end transport of live animals for slaughterhouse and CCTV on slaughterhouses
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1 socially conservative UKIP policy
opposing gay marriage
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1 thatcherite UKIP policy
lower cap on taxes, scrap inheritance tax, no tax on min wage up to £13,000
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1 social democracy UKIP policy
cutting down on tax breaks, oppose the bedroom tax, abolish abuse of 0 hour contracts
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key Paul Nuttal policiesq
privatise NHS,limit abortions to first 12wks of preg,ban the Burqa,denies climate change,against brexit debate going to parli,against banning discrimination against gay ppl,defends sexist comments,death penalty for child killers
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key green party policies
increase public spending £177bn/yr,scrap uni fees,an extra £12bn/yr for NHS,state pensions increased to £180/week,abolish trident,robin hood tax
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SNP key policies
against trident,increase min wage to £8.70,abolition of house of lords
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key plaid cymru policies
against trident,transfer control of criminal justice system to wales,same devolution powers to wales as scot have, including same govt funding
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What are the functions of a political party


WHAT THEY DO- put forward policies on national/local level-inline w/ideologies, allows electoral rep+allows electorate to have a voice in politics, provide govt., train+recruit leaders+filter out ppl who arent up to the job

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What are the functions of a political party-2


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what does dogmatic mean


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