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2. In what year did Anne and Sarah argue of Hoadley?

  • 1704
  • 1705
  • 1708
  • 1710

3. What was the Aliens Act?

  • Any Scottish person not living in England classed as an alien
  • The Scottish must accept Church of England
  • Scottish people could not travel in Europe
  • The Scottish must pay back debts

4. What did the Act of Settlement decide?

  • That if Anne had an heir, the Electress Sophia of Hanover would still get the crown
  • That Anne must have a heir
  • That if Anne had no heir, crown would go to Electress Sophia of Hanover or her heir
  • That if Anne had no heir, Prince George would be allowed to rule

5. When was the Bishoprics crisis?

  • 1711
  • 1708
  • 1707
  • 1709


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