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2. What did the Triennial Act do?

  • Recognised the power of Harley, Godolphin and Marlboroug
  • Recreated the Grand Alliance of the Hague
  • Called an election every three years
  • Called an election every 5 years

3. What year was Stamp Act passed?

  • 1711
  • 1712
  • 1715
  • 1713

4. Who did Anne want to appoint during Bishoprics crisis?

  • Smith
  • Trelawny
  • Hoadley
  • Sacheverell

5. What did the Partition treaties decide?

  • Spanish empire split between Austria and France
  • Spanish empire goes to Phillip of France
  • Spanish empire split between Austria and Bavaria
  • Spanish empire goes to prince of Bavaria


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