Historiography of French Revolution 3

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  • Historiography of French Revolution 3
    • Gender Politics and French Revolution
      • From 1970s onwards exploration of role of women in revolution
      • feminist historians
        • such as Jane Abray, Darline Gay Levy, Harriet Branson Applewhite, Mary Durham Johnson, Joan Landes
      • women invisible factor
      • Role of street women of Paris
      • Women of clubs
      • conservative attitude of peasant women and their active resistance to revolution (Olwen Hufton)
      • Recent feminist view is that Revolution was backward step for women
    • Neo-Liberal View
      • William Sewell Jr. and Colin Jones
      • Disagree with Furet about failure of Revolution
      • Successful capitalist benefit of fall of Old Regime
      • In line with capitalist argument, they do not play down oppressive nature of aristocracy, they maintain Constituent Assembly was moderate and constructive and that violent events of summers of 1789 and 1792 were necessary for setting up of liberal state


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