Plant oils

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Some foods and seeds contain a lot of..
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These oils can be...
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and used for...
food and fuel
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To extract the oil the plant material is...
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How do you get the oil out?
After the plant material is crushed you press the crushed plant material netween metal plates and squah the ouil out. Soemmtiemes the oil is removed by distillation. Distillation removes water, solvent and impurities.
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Vegetable oils are used in...
food and fuel
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Vegetable oils provide lots of...
energy- have a very high energy content
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Vegetable oils also contain other nutrieints like..
Vitamin E
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Vegetable oils also ...
essential fatty acids,
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Why does the body need fatty acids?
need it for metabolic processes.
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Vegetable iols have higher boiling points than...
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This means..
they can be used to cook foods at higher temperatures and at faster speeds.
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Cooking with veg oils gives food a different flavour. This is because ..
of the oils own flavour. But its also because many flavours come from chemicals that are soluble in oil. This means the oil carries the flavour, making it seem more intense.
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Using oil increases...
the energy we get from eating it.
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Vegetable oils can be used to produce...
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They can be...
processed and turned into fuels
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Why are veg oils suitable for fuel?
Because veg oils provide a lot of energy
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What is a useful fuel made from veg oik?
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What other fuel does biodiesel have properties like?
diesel fuel- burns in the same way, so can use it to fuel a diesel engine.
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Unsaturated oils are...
liqid at room telmperature
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This is soemtimes not useful for example...
too runny to spread over sanwich
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They can be hardened by...
reacting them with hydrogen in the presence of a nickel catalyst at about at about 60 °C. Hydrogen adds to the carbon–carbon double bonds. The hydrogenated oils have higher melting points so they are solids at room temperature.
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This makes them useful as...
spreads and in cakes and pastries
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Do veg oils tend to saturated or unstaurated?
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Do animal fats tend to be saturated or unsaturated?
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Are saturated fats or unsaturated fats healthier? Why?
Unsaturated fats are healthier than saturated fats. Saturated fats increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood, which can block up the arteries and increase the risk of heart disease
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Cooking food in oil...
makes it more fattening. Doesn't matter if the oil is saturated, unsaturated and hydrogenated.
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Can test for unsaturated oil using..
bromine water.
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Veg oils that are unsaturated contain...
double carbon bonds
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An unsaturated oil will ...
decolourise the bromine water as the bromin water opens up the double bond and joins on.
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These oils can be...



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