Piers Morgan is in quite a dilemma! He needs to escape from his immortal prison.

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1. You've paid off your captors with £200,000 dubai dollars. Making your way back into the building you are determined to escape. However, out of nowhere, you're ambused by Pepe the Frog, John Cena and Snoop Dogg? What do you do?

  • Pay the memes to let you go.
  • Drop a smoke bomb and bail.
  • Juggle R500 notes.
  • Accept your fate and await the sweet release of death.
  • Criticise the memes for being unoriginal.
  • Appease the memes individually, by smoking with Snoop Dogg, finding Pepe some rare partners, and touring the USSR as a co-wrestler with John Cena.
  • Do nothing.
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2. For some reason, your plan pleases the memes. They back off, allowing you to take the lift. In the lift, however, is Pink Guy! You try to escape but he pushes the close doors button, leaving you trapped with him! What do you do?

  • Make memes with Pink Guy.
  • Make ramen with Pink Guy.
  • Make rice balls with Pink Guy.
  • Make sushi with Pink Guy.
  • Become Chinese with Ping Guy.
  • Make love with Pink Guy.
  • Make anime with Pink Guy.

3. Resisting your moves, the leader starts to monologue. "I hung you from the top of the Sail so that you'd die and I'd inherit your crazy fortune!"

  • Tell them you're actually a demolitions expert.
  • Tell them you paid all of your money to the roof guards in order to escape.
  • Gasp in horror.
  • Tell them you're not Piers Morgan.
  • Throw a C4 into the Illuminati king's mouth.
  • Use the foarse.
  • Poo yourself 16 times (and once more for good luck)

4. In response to your unruly move, the Illuminatis explode. What now?

  • Drink memes.
  • Escape.
  • Drink raw fish.
  • Drink yourself.
  • Kill yourself.
  • Drink vodka.
  • Submit to your Stockholm Syndrome and return to the top of the Sail, hanging yourself from the golf club once again.

5. The lift arrives at the lobby. You're almost free! However, as soon as the glass doors reveal the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, the Illuminati guards step in the way! You'll need to fight to escape. What do you do?

  • Thwak them around the back of the neck.
  • Boot them in the chest.
  • Squeeze their pressure points.
  • Tempt them with dank memes.
  • Staring contest.
  • Knee them in the balls (triangles)
  • Punch them in the face.






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