Key Terms - Card 1

  • Advent - Preparation for the birth of Jesus
  • Son of God - Jesus has a special meaning of he is the son of god
  • Altar - A stone place of sacrifice
  • Tabernackel - 
  • Anointing - People are anointed to show purity
  • Virgin birth - That jesus was concived in the womb of his mother
  • Apostalistic sucession - The belif of the holy orders
  • Bible - Holy book of chrisians
  • Chrism - Oil used in batism
  • Christams - The celebration of the birth of jesus
  • Communion of saints - The fellowship of chrisians on earth and heaven
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Key Terms - Card 2

Confirmation - A ceromony where christians become part of the faith

Creed - A statement of belifs

Easter - The celebraton  of the resurection of jesus

Epiphany - 

Eucharist - Is a statement sacrament where you have bread + wine

Fundalmenalist - literal interpritation

Gifts of the holy spirit - The gifts needed to furfill the missiah of the church

mother of god - Mary

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