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Equation for efficiency
(Useful energy out / total energy in) x 100%
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Equation for power
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The wave equation
Speed/frequency or speed/wavelength or frequency x wavelength
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Order of electromagnetic spectrum
Radio, microwave, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, X-ray, gamma ray
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Range of human hearing
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What does amlitude affect
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What does frequency effect
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Cost of electricity
Power(kW) x time used for(h) x cost/kWh(p)
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What is diffraction
When a wave bends around an obstacle slowing it down
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What is interference
When two waves collide their effects add, if they have the same frequency they cancel each other out
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What is 'in step' and what happens if it occurs
When two waves are going up and down at the same points, they create a bigger disturbance
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What is 'out of step' and what happens if it occurs
When two waves are going up and down at opposite times, they cancel each other out and create no disturbance
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What are fibre optics
Thin glass wires, or fibres, that carry infrared radiation. They are constantly reflect off each edge back into the tube to save as much energy as possible before it reaches it's destination
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Which two units are used to measure energy
kWh and joules
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What does it men if a star is blue-shifted
It is approaching
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Red shifted
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How long ago did the earth begin
14 million years ago
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Name a common longitudinal wave
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Name a common transverse wave
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What is frequency
Number of waves per second
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What is refraction
When a wave passes through a material and is slowed down by it . Then it comes out of the material at a different angle to before
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Equation for power



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The wave equation


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Range of human hearing


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