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What is the energy level at each state of matter?
solids-low. liquids-medium. Gases-high
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Before a state changes state what happens?
It expands
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Explain conduction?
When an atom gets hot it vibrates, it then hits other atoms making them vibrate, this will eventually happen all over. The free electrons help the atoms vibrate.
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What are insulators?
Poor conductors of heat
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What does convection happen in?
Liquids and gases
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Explain convection?
The gas or liquid is heated, the particles gain energy and then the G or L expands, it becomes less dense so the liquid rises. As it rises it cools. The particles lose energy so the liquid contracts and more dense therefore falls. Convection current
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Explain Evaporation?
The particles absorb heat energy, so they move faster. Some escape the surface the remaining liquid is cooler
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Explain Condensation
Particles lose heat energy, particles move slower and closer together. Then the gas condenses in to a liquid
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What does a high u-value mean?
faster rate of heat transfer
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Explain how a turbine is turned?
The coal, oil, gas, biofuel or nuclear fuel heats the water which makes it steam. The steam turns the turbine and the condenser condenses it back in to water
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power stations?
advantages-Produce a lot of electricity and no polluting gases|Disadvantages-Radioactive waste and high decommissioning costs
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Other methods to produce electricity?
Hydroelectric,Tidal,Waves,Geothermal,Solar cell,Wind turbine, fossil and nuclear power stations
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Advant and Disadvant of fossil fuel power station?
A-Reliable, lots of electricity produced|D-CO2 produced and SO2 produced-acid rain
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Measure wavelength?
peak to peak
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half to top/bottom
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Transverse wave-describe?
Oscillations are perpendicular to the direction of energy transfer
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Oscillations are parallel to the direction of energy transfer
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Describe image reflected?
virtual,upright,laterally inverted
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The higher the amplitude is
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The bigger the frequency is
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what does CMBR stand for,what is it?
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. It was present in the big bang theory.
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Before a state changes state what happens?


It expands

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Explain conduction?


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What are insulators?


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What does convection happen in?


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