Physics equations

weight=mass x gravitational field strength
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work done
work done= force x distance(along the line of action of the force)
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force applied to a spring
force applied to a spring=spring constant x extension
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moment of a force
moment of a force=force x distance(normal to direction of force)
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pressure=force normal to a surface/area of that surface
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distance travelled
distance travelled=speed x time
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acceleration= change in velocity/ time taken
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resultant force
resultant force=mass x acceleration
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momentum= mass x velocity
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kinetic energy
kinetic energy= 0.5 x mass x (speed^2)
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gravitational potential energy
gravitational potential energy = mass x gravitational field strength x height
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power (energy)
power= energy transferred/ time
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power= work done/time
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efficiency (energy transfers)
efficiency= useful output energy transfer/ total input energy transfer
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efficiency (power)
efficiency= useful power output/ total power input
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wave speed
wave speed= frequency x wavelength
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charge flow
charge flow= current x time
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potential difference
potential difference= current x resistance
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power (potential dif.)
power= potential difference x current
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power (current)
power= (current^2) x resistance
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energy transferred (power)
energy transferred= power x time
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energy transferred (potential dif.)
energy transferred= charge flow x potential difference
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density= mass/vloume
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work done


work done= force x distance(along the line of action of the force)

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force applied to a spring


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moment of a force


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