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Hey! These are key facts in organic chemistry that I personally found hard that I wanted to review. Expect to find Key facts on C10 - Triple Chemistry 9-1 spec. Hope you find them useful :) 

Resources I used to make these cards are from the Oxford AQA revision guide and @Freesciencelessons on youtube:


Give 2 ways to crack Hydrocarbons
1) Catalytic cracking [passing hydrocarbon vapour over hot catalyst] 2) Steam cracking [mixing hydrocarbon vapours with steam with hot temperatures]
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Give Alkane general formula
C[n] H [2 n+2]
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Give Alkene general formula
C[n] H [2n]
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What does functional group mean?
The part of a molecule that determines how it reacts
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What is the Alkene functional group?
C=C [carbon to carbon double bond]
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What happens when Hydrocarbons are burnt? (complete combustion)
Oxidised to form Co2+H2O [carbon dioxide and water]
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What happens when hydrocarbons are burnt? (incomplete combustion)
C/CO+H2O [carbon/carbon monoxide +water (WATER ALWAYS FORMS FIRST)]
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Which is more reactive? Alkanes or Alkenes?
Alkenes [because they tend to loose the double bond]
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Name and describe a way to test for Alkenes
Bromine water - when alkene is shaken with bromine water, water turns from orange to colourless
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Why are Alkene molecules called 'unsaturated'
Alkenes have 2 fewer hydrogen atoms than alkanes with the same number of carbon atoms
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Name 4 reactions with Alkenes
Combustion(with oxygen) Hydrogenation(with hydrogen) Hydration(with water [as steam]) Halogen Reactions (with group 7)
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What happens when Alkenes react with different molecules?
The C=C double bond turns into a single bond
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What is different when Alkenes and Alkanes both burn in air?
Alkenes have a smokier flame, because incomplete combustion takes place
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Hydrogenation requires what?
60 degrees temperature, Nickel Catalyst
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Hydration requires what?
water as steam, temperature 300 degrees celcius, pressure 70 atmospheres
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What is special about Hydration reactions with Alkenes?
The reaction is reversible
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First 4 Alkenes?
Ethene (C2H4) Propene (C3H6) Butene (C4H8) Pentene (C5H10)
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First 4 Alkanes?
Methane(CH4) Ethane(C2H8) Propane(C3H8) Butane(C4H10)
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Give 2 ways to make ethanol and their conditions needed
Hydration of ethene(300 degrees celcius, pressure 70 atmospheres) & Fermentation (requires anaerobic conditions)
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Advantages&Disadvantages of Hydration with ethene
ADV: Gives a high yeild DADV: High temperature needed which means lots of energy needed, Ethane comes from crude oil (an unrenewable resource)
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Advantages&Disadvantages of Fermentation
ADV: low temperature, and sugar comes from a renewable source DADV: products in aqueous solutions, which means distillation is needed to purify ethanol)
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Alcohols are _______ in water and form _______ solutions
Alcohols are SOLUBLE in water and form NEUTRAL solutions
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What happens as carbon atoms in an alchohol increase?
Solubility Decreases
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What will you get when reacting an alchohol with Sodium?
Alcohol + sodium -> sodium (alchohol) oxide + hydrogen [eg. Ethanol+ Sodium -> sodium ethoxide + hydrogen]
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What will you get when reacting an Alcohol with an oxidising Agent?
Alcohol + O. Agent -> carboxylic acid + water [ethanol +O.agent -> ethanoic acid + water]
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What will you get when combusting Alcohol with air?
Alcohol+ Air -> Carbon dioxide + water
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Give Structural formula for 1) Methanoic Acid 2) Ethanoic Acid 3) Propanoic acid 4) Butanoic Acid
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Carboxylic acids are what in water?
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What is the definition of a weak acid?
A weak acid does not completley ionise with water (do not loose all Hydrogen ions) and the reaction often has a reversible arrow ( ⇌ )
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What is the reaction of Carboxylic acids with metal carbonates?(e.g. ethanoic acid + sodium carbonate)
(e.g ethanoic acid) Ethanoic Acid + Sodium Carbonate -> Sodium ethanoate + carbon dioxide +water (2CH3COOH+NA2CO3->2CH3COO- Na+ + Co2 +H2O
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What is the reaction of Ethanoic Acid with ethanol?
Ethanoic acid+ Ethanol -> Ester + water
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Give Alkane general formula


C[n] H [2 n+2]

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