on being sane in insane places

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what is the aim of the study?
to test reliability of diagnoses of psychological abnormality
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what was the approach of the experiment
individual differences, diagnostic abnormality
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what was the method of the experiment?
field experiment, independent design, data collected by participant observation
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what was the IV of the experiment?
pseudo patient or real patient
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what was the DV of the experiment?
behaviour of ward staff, psychiatrists, nurses and real patients
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what was the sample of the experiment?
eight sane people acted as pseudo patients ( fake), five men, three women, Rosenhan was one of the pseudo patients, indirect participants - doctors and nurses, hospitals in five different states
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what was the procedure of the experiment? 1
pseudo patients called the hospitals and asked for appointment
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what did the participants say on arrival?
been hearing voices, he/she described the voice as the same sex as himself/ herself, pretended to be worried about the meaning of life
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what then happened?
all participants except one were admitted to hospital, on wards continued to behave as normal, taking part in ward activities, making notes of their experience
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what was one of the conditions of the experiment?
the pseudo patients would have to get out by convincing the hospital staff that they were sane
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what did Rosenhan do in the hospital that he was in?
conducted a mini experiment, pseudo patients asked when they would be getting out
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what was a control measure of the experiment?
record kept of a young lady approaching staff members on a university campus and asking them 6 question, staff members all stopped, answered questions maintaining eye contact
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what about when the questions were asked to the doctors and nurses at the hospitals
only 4% of the nurses stopped and answered the question posed by the pseudo patient and most continued without pausing
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what were the controls of the experiment?
all pseudo patients reported the same symptoms, all took notes in the same way
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what were the findings of the experiment?
pseudo patients were all released with the label ' schizophrenia in remission', length of stay ranged from 7 to 52 days ( average 19 days), some of the real patients realised that the participants were pseudo patients
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what other findings were made from the experiment?
pseudo patients given medication but they flushed it down the toilet, saw real patients doing this also, normal behaviour was misinterpretated and described as abnormal
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what happened in the follow up study
staff informed of the first study, told that at some point in the next 3 months, one or more pseudo patients would attempt to be admitted to the hospital
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what else happened?
each member of staff asked to rate all new patients on the likelihood that he/she was a pseudo patient on a 10 point scale
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what then happened?
during the next 3 months, 193 patients were judged on the 10 point scale
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what were the results of the judgements?
41 patients confidently judged to be pseudo patients by at least one staff member, 23 suspected by at least one psychiatrist, 19 were suspected by a psychiatrist and a staff member
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what were the conclusions of the experiment /
doctors are biased towards making type two errors ( when someone makes a false judgement ), doctors more inclined to call a healthy person sick, than a sick person healthy, diagnostic labels stick and change the way other people see you
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what were the ethics of the experiment?
no informed consent from hospital staff, deception of hospital staff
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what was the approach of the experiment


individual differences, diagnostic abnormality

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what was the method of the experiment?


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what was the IV of the experiment?


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what was the DV of the experiment?


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