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Procedures of
Rosenhan (1973)
`On Being Sane
in Insane Places'…read more

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About the 8 sane patients
A group of 8 sane people attempted to gain
admission to 12 different hospitals in 5 different
US states
Three women and five men
Three Psychologists, a paediatrician, a
psychiatrist, a painter and a housewife.
The eighth being Rosenhan himself…read more

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All of the 8 sane people employed pseudonyms
(false names). Those already in the medical
profession lied about their profession and gave
another occupation as to avoid
embarrassment. They described their life events
accurately (both good and bad) and none of
them had any pathological history.…read more

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Gaining entry
The pseudo patients called up
their target hospitals saying
that they were hearing voices
of the same sex saying the
word `thud', `empty' and
These symptoms were
purposefully chosen for their
similarity to existential
symptoms.…read more

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The only false claims made were;
· False Names
· Employment
· Absence of psychiatric literature
Apart from these no further pretences were made.
No symptoms were `acted out' or displayed apart
from understandable anxiety of being discovered,
the pseudo patients behaved perfectly normal.…read more

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Data Collection
The pseudo patients made observations of other
patients and staff on the wards. Initially the notes
were done in secret but eventually it became evident
that the staff did not really care.
Pseudo patients would engage in conversations with
others and would note down their responses. Like
the observations, this was initially done discretely,
but upon realising that no one seemed to mind this
was done openly.…read more

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