Omissions as actus reus cases

This a test mainly on the cases on the topic of omissions

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1. Sister was ill and came to live with the defendants. Fanny was eccentric and often stayed in her room for several days and failed to eat. She eventually became bed ridden and incapable of looking after herself. Om at least one occassion the defendant help

  • Stone and Dobinson
  • Cheshire
  • Airedale NHS Turst V Bland
  • Miller
  • Smith
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2. A police officer was on duty and saw a man being thrown out of a night club and watched men kick him to death. He took no steps to intervene or summon help. (Duty through ones official position)

  • Thornton
  • Dytham
  • White
  • Prince
  • Santana-Bermudez

3. D was a squat. He fell asleep with a cigarette in his hand and awoke to find his matress on fire. He made no attempt to put the fire out and just moved into a different room and fell back asleep. The whole house caught fire (Duty through dangerous prior a

  • Lamb
  • Dytham
  • Roberts
  • Miller
  • Williams

4. A policewoman asked the defendant if he had any sharp objects in his pockets before she searched him. He said no but when the police officer put her hand in his pocket she was injured by a needle.

  • Santana-Bermudez
  • Lowe
  • Kahn and Kahn
  • Anderton V Ryan
  • Jordan

5. D was a young man who had been crushed my a crown at the Hillsborough disaster. This had stopped oxygen getting to him brain and left him with brain damage. (Duty of doctors)

  • Airedale NHS Trust V Bland
  • Hobson
  • Pitwood
  • Lipman
  • Miller




yay, 100% :)

Smith E


A few typos – look past these and you find a good basic quiz on omissions and acts reus. The cases on this topic are quite memorable, fact-wise, and therefore quizzing yourself even once might serve to commit these cases to memory. Try quizzing yourself in 10 minutes though, this is not a 30 minute quiz.

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