OCR Biology 'Proteins and Amino acids'

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1. What do amino acids contain?

  • Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen (+ sulphur)
  • Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen
  • Carbon, oxygen, nitrogen (+ phosphorous)
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2. A quaternary structure is made up of ________ polypeptide chain

  • More than one
  • One

3. Is the amino group acidic or basic?

  • Acidic
  • Basic

4. Fibrous proteins are long chains of amino acids which are generally insoluble and inelastic. How is this beneficial for collagen?

  • Inelasticity allows muscles to contract. Long chains provide mechanical strength.
  • Muscles repair easily
  • Small arteries contract easily

5. What bond is formed when amino acids join together by condensation?

  • A disulphide bond
  • A glycosidic bond
  • A covalent peptide bond
  • An ionic peptide bond


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