OCR Biology 'Proteins and Amino acids'

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1. What is a protein?

  • More than one polypeptide chain
  • Something made of amino acids which has a distinct biological function
  • A chain of amino acids
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2. When one chain folds over on itself, this produces a __________

  • Beta-pleated sheet
  • Alpha helix
  • Double pleated sheet

3. How is a peptide bond formed?

  • Two amino acids are joined by a protein chain
  • Two amino acids are joined by a condensation reaction
  • Two amino acids are joined by a hydrolysis reaction

4. What is a polypeptide?

  • A multiple peptide bond
  • A larger structure consisting of multiple amino acids
  • A bond between two amino acids

5. The function of a protein is determined by its _______ structure

  • Tertiary
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Quaternary


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