Nursing the person with deteriorating health

The main purpose of the primary survey is:
To identify and manage those conditions which are immediately life threatening
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What is the maximum amount of oxygen a non re-breathe oxygen mask will deliver?
More than 60%
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What is the maximum amount of oxygen a simple face mask will deliver?
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What is the maximum oxygen flow rate for a nasal canulla
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Cushing’s Triad is defined as?
Decreased respiration's, decreases pulse rate and raised systolic blood pressure and widening pulse pressure
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Shock can best be described as:
Inadequate tissue perfusion
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You are responding to a call for help and you find a 68 year old man who is lying in bed, unresponsive, with no evidence of trauma. What is the best way to open this patient’s airway?
Perform a head tilt-chin lift
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One of the recognised features of hypovolemic shock is:
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A patient with a chronic respiratory condition has a respiratory rate 28 of breaths a minute. His PO2 is below 8 kPa and the PCO2 is above 6.5 kPa. His C02 level is continuing to rise. What is the most appropriate therapy for this patient?
Non invasive positive pressure ventilation using a face mask
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Name the three (3) anatomical layers of brain from the inner most layer to the outer most layer
Pia mater, Arachnoid mater, Dura mater
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What is the recommended treatment for someone with type 1 respiratory failure?
Oxygen therapy
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What is meant by the term hypercapnia
An elevated PaCO2
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A patient suffering from shock may present with:
Vasodilatation and a low blood pressure
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How should a collapsed patient be managed by a health care professional?
Check for safety, Shake and shout, call for help, open the airway, check breathing and circulation, perform chest compressions.
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What causes a pneumothorax?
An accumulation of air in the plural space
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What causes a heamothorax?
An accumulation of blood in the plural space
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What drugs may be given for secondary prevention of MI?
Aspirin and beta blockers
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Myocardial infarction is defined as
Myocardial ischemia and necrosis
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How is cardiac output calculated?
SV x HR = CO
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Calculate the MAP for a BP of 130/70.
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what is recorded in the Glasgow Coma Scale?
Motor response, Verbal response and eye movement
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During shock cells produce energy by which method?
Anaerobic metabolism
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A low urinary output may indicate..?
The hypovolemic phase of acute renal failure
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What is the calculation for minimum urine output if the paitent weights 90kg?
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22) If you have an unresponsive patient, on cardiac monitor which shows sinus bradycardia, however they have no respirations and no palpable pulse, what rhythm are they in?
Pulseless electrical activity
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What is the maximum amount of oxygen a non re-breathe oxygen mask will deliver?


More than 60%

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What is the maximum amount of oxygen a simple face mask will deliver?


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What is the maximum oxygen flow rate for a nasal canulla


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Cushing’s Triad is defined as?


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