new right concepts theory definitions

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1. is this an application of the new right idea of the family true or false: The traditional nuclear family is under threat due to increased permissiveness and a moral decline within society leading to increased family diversity

  • true
  • false
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2. is this a new right application of C/D:

  • true
  • false

3. what is the definition of: a goverment perceived as having excessive interest in control over the welfare of its citizens

  • underclass
  • Nanny state
  • culture of dependency
  • individual responsibility

4. who agues that the underclass is the result of over generous welfare policies

  • Parsons
  • Murry
  • Merton
  • Gramsci

5. what is the definition of: people should take control of their own lives and not expect others to look after them

  • freedom of choice
  • individual responsibility
  • culture of dependency
  • class


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